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A dream of Alfonso Canfora tht has become a reality in Sardinia, Sa Mesa Longa 2007 test Crystallsurf Fiberglass (photo Corradin)







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certifies the industrial property of transparency with any type of material used for the construction of any type of hull, consisting of shells, with or without internal structures.

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This idea was born from a dream in the 90s after years of experiments and tests, in 2002 a functional prototype was perfected and presented to all sports newspapers with the aim of allowing the practice of surfing to all making the board more accessible economically, its principle of conception boasts the use of a single 100% recyclable material (PET, PS, PC, PLA/Fiberglass and Carbon fiber), subsequently it was filed in 2005 as an industrial patent in 2006 the patent of a transparent and internally structured surfboard is granted .

Today the development of this idea aims to make a surfboard many other things, this innovative idea continues to develop chameleonically adapting itself in different shapes and solutions applicable to different sports equipment.



Goals achieved with this innovation

prix de innovations (FRANCE)

Start Cup Sardegna 
prix de innovations (SARDEGNA)

Innautic Barcamper 
prix de innovations (ITALIA)

Articles dedicated to this discovery:

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Articolo l’Unione Sarda (Patrizia Mocci)

Articoli la Nuova Sardegna (Enrico Carta)

Articolo Revolt (Alessandro Staffa)

Articolo Meteo e Surf (Michele Cicoria)

Articolo la Gazzetta della Spezia 

Articolo ORISTANONOI (Marco Guerra)


The internal structure of CRYTALLsurf

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